Susan’s Musings

These articles are based on my life, including my family, especially my grandchildren, holidays, things I have learned, laughed at, and cried over throughout the recent years. Please join me as I reminisce about things that are important to me or to those I love. They are funny, thought-provoking, inspirational, and all are true. Here’s a list of what’s there. Just click on what interests you and enjoy!

Live and Laugh


I Knew I Recognized Your Name

Wii, Wii, Wii All the Way Home!

Once a Child

Kids Still Say the Darndest Things

Lady Father is On Vacation!

Live and Learn

God’s Still Working On Me

I’m Out Straight!

Another Anniversary

63 Years Later

24 Years Later


Christmas “Firsts”

Happy New Year!

Happy 4th!

Christmas Blessings


Susan Bowman, is an ordained Episcopal Priest, a Grandmother, and a Professional Writer.  She was ordained as an Episcopal priest in 1986 and has a story to tell that will speak to all women who are functioning in a traditionally male role.  She has written a book about her experiences of discrimination within the church’s ordination process and in the parishes she served. Register for her newsletter and important emails.  Fill out the form below to enter contact information securely.

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