This page includes links to some reflections on topics of interest in the National Church, including Women’s Issues in the Church. These words describe the issues as well as how they affected my journey toward priesthood and subsequent ministries. There aren’t any articles in the Faith and Bible topics presently but now that I’m retired, I have a lot more time for writing. Just click on the topic that interests you and enjoy!

Lady Father - Reflections on Women in the ChurchThese issues regarding women in the church may not seem to be current in today’s world. However, they are vitally important to our understanding of how God has worked in the church since its early days. They also impinge on our relationship with the church and its clergy and lay leadership both in the past and the present. These issues will never go away as our gender differences are part of our created humanity. I believe that God has never intended that those differences should get in the way of the church’s mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and our salvation.

National Church Issues

Priesthood – Who Can Wear It?

He’s Gone Too Far!

Women Clergy – Victims or Victors

Reflections on Women’s Issues in the Church

A Strong Woman

What Do You Call a Woman Priest?


Being a Woman of God


Susan Bowman, is an ordained Episcopal Priest, a Grandmother, and a Professional Writer.  She was ordained as an Episcopal priest in 1986 and has a story to tell that will speak to all women who are functioning in a traditionally male role.  She has written a book about her experiences of discrimination within the church’s ordination process and in the parishes she served.  Register to receive her newsletter and important emails.  Fill out the form below to enter contact information securely.

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