Good News

We WILL get through thisThis page is dedicated to helping us find hope in God during the COVID-19 virus pandemic. The human tendency at a time like this is to throw up our hands in a helpless act of despair and yell at God, “Where are you?” “Why is this happening to us?” “How can you let this go on?” “Why don’t you stop this scourge?” There is no doubt that this is not the first time we have asked God these questions – think 9/11. I think there is no doubt that this is not the first time God has heard this despair from us. This scourge that is holding the whole planet hostage seems to have a firm hold on us, leaving us with very little hope of avoiding massive loss of life and most likely an economic depression.
That is the bad news and there is no doubt that life in God’s world cannot avoid trouble and suffering. But there is also GOOD NEWS! Very simply, it is this: God is with us always, even to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20). This doesn’t eclipse the Good News of Jesus, sent by God to save us from the finality of death but these words of Jesus at His Ascension are the focus of the following articles. Their purpose is to lift us up, encourage us, strengthen us, and give us hope as we face this crisis. Please pass the link for this page (https://ladyfather.com/hope-in-god) to whoever may need God’s comfort and assurance of His promise to be with us always, no matter what. May God bless us all!

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Are We Alone Here?

I think it goes without saying that most of us have asked this question more than once during our lives. That’s because our days seem to be filled with pain, suffering, grief, misfortunes, and just plain misery. Whenever one of these befalls us, we tend to immediately begin to rant and rave against God because those of us who believe in God think that he should not let things like that happen. We think that he should protect us from harm and loss and when we suffer those things, we blame God and cry out as Jesus did, “Why have you forsaken me?”
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